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Class Descriptions

We Sweat, We Smile, We Stretch, We Sculpt!

Body Sculpt

With The Peach Doctor™

Body Sculpt.jpg

Groove Fit®

Groove Fit Web.jpg

Voted By Our Members: Most Likely To Change Your Body Shape!

A total body, conditioning workout. Class members say this class has changed their body shape and produces results, fast!


Join Our Body Sculpting Specialist ~ The Peach Doctor® + Prepare For INSTANT FIRMNESS!

Utilising bodyweight and resistance equipment; this non-choreographed class works all the major muscle groups with a focus on achieving a lean toned body.

No Cardio, Just Toning, Fast Results!...Ask Our Members!


Leave your troubles at the door & let the stress melt away, on our

Groove Fit® dance floor! With great tunes & disco lighting; this class will give you toned arms, sculpted abs, pert butt and a massive calorie burn; all while you’re having a great night out!

Launched in 2014, by Groove’s creator Amy Hargreaves, this is THE class that will get you hooked on fitness.  This class is frequently credited, by our members, as the class they would definitely recommend to a friend. 


You don’t need to have any dance experience! If you like dancing on a night out, you’ll LOVE Groove!



aIL LEE.jpg

Voted by Team Peach: The Hardest, Sweatiest + Most Fun HIIT Class Ever!


If you love high-intensity interval training, martial arts and beat-driven music, this is the workout class for you.


In STRONG, you’ll use your own bodyweight to push yourself through a HIIT-like workout. A demanding hour-long session that works your entire body.

In this one-hour class, you’ll do everything from traditional squats and lunges to burpees, shuffles, kicks, punches, push-ups and all sorts of core-sculpting moves as you work out to EDM and hip-hop inspired beats. Many of the moves come from traditional martial arts classes (sidekicks, back kicks, front kicks, punches, cross hooks).


With The Peach Doctor™

Pilates WEB.png

Improves Posture, Strengthens Core /Total Body...And Finds Muscles You Didn't Even Know You Had!

This class designed to improve core strength & stability, improve posture, flexibility and is highly effective in sculpting lean toned muscles.


Pilates is a low impact total body conditioning class performed on a mat; often incorporating small Pilates equipment (all equipment is provided).  Mat based Pilates is a challenging yet safe method to sculpt your body and is suitable for all levels and abilities.

Do not be fooled by the words 'low impact'! This class will make you sweat!



Zumba® takes the "work" out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and

high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party.


Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you'll see why Zumba® Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise. Super effective? Check. Super fun? Check and check.

Suitable for everybody and every body!


Each Zumba® class is designed to bring people together to sweat it on.

Yoga Stretch

YOGA Web.jpg

Yoga Stretch uses the concept of using yoga postures to fully stretch the body. In doing so, it helps to improve flexibility and helps to restore the body’s systems to their natural function & flow.

Other benefits include muscle toning and loosening of the joints, which are ideal for those who are not flexible or have built up muscular tension from intense workouts and the general demands of daily life.


Class members benefit from the energy boost the exercise can provide, helping them to maximise their performance in other areas of fitness.
Complete with a guided relaxation session at the end of the class. Suitable for all levels.

Power Stretch

Power Stretch Image2.jpg

A 3-in-1 Super Low Impact, High Intensity Class!


Combining the best of Yoga, Pilates and Body Conditioning;

this no-bounce class is a fun and fast-paced mix of strength and stretch that gives you big results...and makes you sweat ALOT!



STRONG Meets Groove!...Just Without The Burpees!

SMASH HIITS Is A SUPER Sweaty Dance HIIT Class! If You Like Sweat, Then You'll Love This Class!


A back-to-back playlist of all our sweatiest Groove tunes!!!!

All songs turbo charged to get you sweating & burning some serious calories!

Pushing you to work at your absolute MAX & giving you ideas on how you can take your calorie burn to the next level during all of our Awesome Groove Classes!

Get Your Game Face On & Limber Up Them FIT Shapes....IT'S TIME FOR SOME SMASH HIITS!

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